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CERELAC® Dry Infant Cereal

New CERELAC NUTRIPUFFS® – Banana & Orange

Help train your child’s healthy snacking habits! CERELAC NUTRIPUFFS® is made with whole wheat and real fruit bits and is specially designed with easy-to-grab shape. The new CERELAC NUTRIPUFFS® Banana & Orange is a fun and healthy way to give bulilit his fill of SIGLA.

    At 10+ months, your bulilit is ready for another big milestone: self-feeding. Train him to reach, grab, and shoot with a fun and nutritious snack that fits his little hands – the New CERELAC NUTRIPUFFS Banana & Orange.

    Key Features and Benefits

    As he begins to reach for more, he’ll need all the SIGLA he can get. Fun and nutritious, the New CERELAC NUTRIPUFFS is a source of Iron, Vitamin B1, and Fiber – all the good stuff a growing baby needs.

    Iron is important because it helps transport oxygen to the brain and the rest of the body. Each serving of the New CERELAC NUTRIPUFFS contains 11g of Iron.

    Fiber promotes proper digestion.

    Vitamin B1 helps in the release of energy from carbohydrates.

    Whole wheat contains all the parts of the grain such as the bran, endosperm and germ which provides natural fiber, vitamins, and minerals!


    Rice flour, Whole wheat flour, Cornstarch, Palm olein, Sugar, Banana flakes, Minerals (Ferric pyrophosphate, Calcium carbonate, Calcium hydrogen phosphate, Zinc sulfate), Orange powder, Carrot flakes, Thiamin mononitrate.


    Contains gluten. May contain milk and soya.


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