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About Nestogrow
Brand Story

What is Nestogrow?
Nestogrow 4 is a growing up powdered milk drink with complete nutrients for children aged 3 and above. It is also the only brand that contains L.comfortis® which improves the absorption of nutrients in children’s tummies to help them grow healthy and happy. #growhappy

Anong normal na pupu ng bata?

Brand Manifesto

Since 2016, Nestogrow 4 has been with Filipino parents in assuring that their children grow healthy and happy. The brand was launched with the belief that a strong and healthy tummy, with the help of L.comfortis®, is key to proper absorption of nutrients and putting a smile on your child’s face. Nestogrow has since provided complete nutrition that is accessible to all Filipinos.

Brand History

Nestokid Four was launched in the Philippines in the year 2016 as part of Nestlé’s growing-up milk portfolio. It had originally been promoted under the tagline “Batang Angat” and advocate. In 2018, Nestokid Four was rebranded into Nestogrow 4 and continues to be one of the most beloved milk brands in the country.

Brand Promise

Nestogrow 4 promises a family that is full of smiles thanks to a happy child. Strong tummies and complete nutrition ensure proper growth in children for overall development; with good health comes a healthy and happy child!


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